Acorn Marketing & Research Consultants

Acorn Marketing & Research Consultants

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Other Location

Main Introduction


What matters,

When it matters most

Since our inception in 1985 we have held one belief – our sole aim is helping our clients understand consumers.  Be it developing new products or communications, or crafting brand architectures, our belief is that everything flows from a deep and honest understanding of consumers' complex needs and desires.

The Acorn Way

The interpretation of findings, to us, must possess a deep empathy for the social context and clear understanding of the marketing issues. We are equipped with multi-disciplinary skills, enabling us to approach issues with a multi-dimensional perspective. We question your preconceptions about research and find ways to rethink things, not just fix things.

Understanding Asia is in our DNA

Our offices are managed by Asian researchers. So we understand the nuances of Asian consumers to a greater depth. We can better articulate the complexities of the Chinese’s great potential, the Korean’s dynamic spirit, the Thai’s modesty, the Malaysian’s warmth, the Singaporean’s confidence and the Taiwanese’s effusiveness.

Acorn + Thinker

We chose ‘The Thinker’ as an inspiration because we must always be a thinking MR company. We took an acorn as an aspiration knowing that one day we will grow into an oak tree.


We are the largest independent Asian research network with full service offices in 11 Asian countries.  We are the pioneers with over 30 years of market research experience in Asia.   We provide customer intimacy and confidence to our clients to grow their business.


Marketing Research, Brand Consultancy

Focus Industries:

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English, Chinese

Year Founded:

30+ years

Company Size:

101-500 employees