Branding Records

Branding Records

Hong Kong, Shanghai

Main Introduction


200+  Clients worldwide      

10  Countries we have projects in    

8  languages spoken by our team      

We realise ideas with ideas, turning concepts into reality

We bring brands to life  


It takes time, effort, and a discerning eye to discover unknown talents and bring out their full potential. That’s why we see ourselves as a record company, putting new or lesser-known brands with aspirations under the spotlight they deserve, as well as collaborating with established stars to enhance their stage presence.

As a branding agency built on an igniting creative spirit, we bring brands to life by connecting and engaging with people through storytelling, curating retail and digital experiences that fuel the genuine and distinctive journeys of every brand. Whether you’re on the starting line or way ahead, we work closely with you to turn your concepts into reality.

Our approach


It’s in our blood.

One-day wonders, fads, and shooting stars are not our thing. We are committed to strategic foundations for brands that are long-lasting. Our determination and devotion to producing meaningful work, experiences that we’re proud of and campaigns that foster brand growth never waver.


Mix & Match is our strength.

Who says the sketch in your book can’t be the next big thing? We always listen carefully and make sure we bring diverse points of view to the table, because it’s the tension between different concepts that produces creative ideas.


We are your wingman.

Superstars are famous because of their fans, influencers are successful because of their followers and brands are prosperous because of their loyal customers. All the above have one thing in common: trust. It is the essence of every great brand and establishing a trusting relationship between us and our clients is top priority in our book.


We’re here for the ride.

Collaboration is like a three-legged race, we tip over if we aren’t in sync. We understand your needs before making a move, so we know we are going towards the same direction, at the same pace.


Brand Development, Digital Marketing, Retail Experience & Activation

Focus Industries:

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English, Chinese, Other Language

Year Founded:

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Company Size:

11-50 employees