JungleFish Branding & Design

JungleFish Branding & Design


Main Introduction

About us, Chinese Naming and the Fish

We believe that consistent and creative design creates trust and drives business. Attention to detail, a convincing concept and flawless execution make your brand stand out, especially in China. Companies that incorporate design in their business strategy outperform others.

The name JungleFish represents our company as a smart and flexible guide through a complex market environment symbolized by a Jungle. The positive attributes of a Jungle – vivid, rich, fertile, complex, and beautiful – can also be associated with a megacity like Shanghai. The fish brings harmony, color, movement. But fish and water also stand for tranquility. This creates a good contrast and memorable image. JungleFish sticks to the mind as a metaphor for the fresh and clear-minded company we aspire to be. The characteristics of simplicity, clarity and purposefulness fit best for the English brand name.

Tai Ji Yu – 太极鱼 – our Chinese brand name has a focus on philosophical ideas dating back to the Song dynasty (10th century CE). The concept of “Taiji” stands for harmonizing of seemingly opposites: With our Chinese/Western team we are able to understand the cultural differences well and strive to harmonize them towards a unique communication solution. The Fish in Taijiyu evokes the same positive qualities as in the English brand name and easily connects with it. The “Jungle” is thus substituted with the Yin/Yang concept in the Chinese name but the meaning is similar: creating harmony between extremes. The philosophical reference is more appropriate in Chinese.


Design/Trend Research

Qualitative Research

Interviews & Observations

Brand DNA

Resonance Testing


Visual Identity Development

Print: Brochures, Posters, Ads etc. 

Online: Advertising posters etc.

Web: Responsive multilingual websites


Stationery, Uniform

POP Elements

Signage & Wayfinding

Exhibition Design


Messaging Concept

Brand Name Development

Bilingual Tagline, Slogan

Product Naming System


Brand Strategy and Research, Visual Branding, Verbal Branding, Packaging Design, VI Guidelines, Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Corporate Identity, Logo development, and Brand Localization for China

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English, Chinese, +more

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11-50 employees