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Main Introduction


The world’s leading market intelligence agency    

At Mintel, we cover 38,000 product launches a month. 

Every day, we ask thousands of people for their opinions.

We track consumer spending across 34 markets.


Mintel is the expert in what consumers want and why. As the world’s leading market intelligence agency, our analysis of consumers, markets, new products and competitive landscapes provides a unique perspective on global and local economies. Since 1972, our predictive analytics and expert recommendations have enabled our clients to make better business decisions faster.

About Market intelligence

Market intelligence is what sets us apart and what defines us as a brand – literally in fact: when the company was founded in 1972 it took its name from an amalgamation of the two words. We have been defining and refining the market intelligence mix ever since, to offer our clients a unique perspective on the consumer landscape ahead and a clear roadmap to navigate it with.

So what goes in to the market intelligence mix?

Of course there’s data, and there’s market research, but there is also market analysis, competitive intelligence, product intelligence and, most importantly, the expertise to combine these elements in an expert synthesis that generates insight and recommendation rooted in cast-iron fact. Let’s take you through the crucial ingredients.


Market research is the second key element of the market intelligence mix. Our specialist team of market analysts scours the globe for trade, industry and government data, which our statisticians then integrate into meaningful sizing models and future value forecasts for thousands of sectors worldwide. Is the market growing? Is it in decline? Where is it heading next? The market analysis strand is where we find the answers. Market intelligence stretches further than market analysis.


Product Intelligence adds micro-level relevance to the macro context of our market analysis, bringing our clients real-world examples of the launches and goods that are driving the numbers.

Our Global New Products Database (GNPD) has been supporting innovators for 40 years, capturing, compiling data and explaining what the data means from thousands of new products every day.

Q&As, in-store activation assessments, claim reviews and product audits provide the detail, our category analysts explore and predict the trends to keep our clients competitive. But market intelligence is not just another name for product intelligence.


Competitive Intelligence is the fourth pillar of our work, keeping our clients abreast of their rivals’ strategies, communications and results, to give them the understanding they need to choose the right response to gain or maintain that crucial competitive edge.

From company, brand and product strategies to communications and performance benchmarking, we analyze the competitive landscape in thousands of distribution channels and markets. But market intelligence is even more than the sum of all these parts.

The magic happens when we pull them all together. Trend analysts, category specialists, systems developers, dedicated account teams and client servicing staff work together to provide our clients with understanding as well as knowledge. That means they don’t just know what’s happening now, they understand what’s coming next and how they need to react to keep their businesses growing.

That’s our market intelligence. That’s how it helps our clients grow. It’s why we’re the leaders in it.


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