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WalktheChat is a marketing & IT agency focusing on helping overseas brands to sell via WeChat and Weibo. Services includes building a WeChat/Weibo cross-border shop, WeChat Mini Program, social media marketing, content localization and customized development, and design.

Set up your own WeChat shop

Even if you don’t have a registered company in China, you can start selling within a few weeks via a WeChat store with cross-border payments

WalktheChat team is here to help you design your store for China, and integrate it with your current Magento or Shopify shop.

Apply for a WeChat Official Account

A WeChat Official Account is the Chinese equivalent of a Facebook Page: it enables users to follow you and receive notifications from your brand.

You can also you use your account to handle login, sharing and payments, providing a smoother experience to Chinese users.

Drive traffic via WeChat & Weibo

WalktheChat can support you in the execution of marketing campaigns on Chinese social media, both via CPC/CPM advertising and through influencers.

We also leverage a network of other industry accounts for cross-promotion and cross-exposure with other related accounts in your field.

Engage users through powerful content

Keep your followers engaged through our WeChat & Weibo content offer, leveraging our experience through clients and industries.

Our CRM software will enable us to target your customers based on their behavior on your website, shopping behavior and interests.

Gift your products to influencers

WalktheChat can gift your products to Chinese bloggers and influencers in exchange for free exposure on their account.

“Product seeding” is also a great way to get feedback from industry experts about your products and understand how to position them to most appeal Chinese customers.


Help businesses to sell to China via social media: WeChat, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Kuaishou, Weibo, and Zhihu.


WeChat Shop with cross-border payments, WeChat Official Account creation, WeChat advertising & Key Opinion Leaders, Content Creation & CRM

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English, Chinese

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