ZEEYA Digital

ZEEYA Digital

Shenzhen, Austria

Main Introduction

We are ZEEYA Digital

ZEEYA Digital is a Europe & China based premium digital agency that helps Chinese B2B organizations through data-driven marketing campaigns & digital identities to grow their international sales.

Our experience is based on more than 8 years in high-tech b2b markets, where we worked with Europes leading companies in the field of Aerospace, Automotive and Health Science.

With our extensive and deep technical understanding, ZEEYA Digital empowers Chinese businesses to increase their international sales and reputation. Through market- and audience specific communication &  data-driven marketing we ensure our clients success.

Why is ZEEYA DIGITAL working in the Chinese market?

We know what it takes to grow and sell into high penetrated and established market environments. We experienced it from first-hand through several positions what kind of information potential customers in Europe & the US want to see in early stage phases. And we know how to raise the chance to grow in these established markets.  


Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, Web Development, Lead Generation, Reputation Management

Focus Industries:

High-tech B2B Markets, Aerospace, Automotive, Health Science


English, Chinese

Year Founded:

8+ years

Company Size:

Not provided