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How to do Email Marketing?

In the context of the China Internet, other online marketing methods, such as web advertising, search engine bidding, search engine optimization, joint marketing, narrow advertising, video advertising, and social media marketing, may be more common and popular. Compared with these kind of passive, indirect, and difficult to retain user behavior data marketing methods, email marketing has distinct data characteristics. User behavior can be tracked, user data can be mined, emphasizing proactive, interactive experience, and the conversion rate (ROI) can be calculated.

Now that email marketing has so many advantages, how do we implement email marketing? Let’s plan in five steps.

Step 1: Clearly understand the purpose of implementing EDM marketing.

We must first clarify what the purpose of EDM marketing is, and the purpose should be in line with the company's marketing strategy. Is it to promote brand image, specific products and services, maintain customer relationships, or expand new customers? The clear and pure purpose will provide a strong guarantee for later planning.

Step 2: Establish a corporate mailing list database.

There are three main ways to establish a corporate mailing list database.

The first is: the company’s accumulated customer information, including registration through the company’s website, mailing list subscriptions, and offline business contacts.

The second type: database leasing. There are many data leasing companies in the market that carry out this business. You can also cooperate with related websites to select a few well-known information websites in the industry that have a high degree of overlap with target customers. There are a lot of user data resources.

The third type: use a specific program to crawl email addresses on the Internet. This method has almost no cost investment, but the effect is also the worst, because the validity and authenticity of the crawled data cannot be defined.

From the above, we can see that companies should establish the concept of building corporate user databases, and strive to increase the proportion of own database in the mailing list database.

Because the mailing list database is highly targeted and loyal, this determines that the mailing list is one of the most precious intangible assets of the enterprise. Only with the email addresses of these loyal customers, the website can be rebuilt and the products can be re-searched. Send an email to the mailing list, and effective marketing can be done again.

Step 3: Selection of EDM marketing platform.

There are three types of email delivery platforms.

One is a professional email platform (data marketing) company. They have built a professional email sending platform with fast sending speed, which can send hundreds of thousands of emails per hour. At the same time, they signed an agreement with major mail service providers (ISP) to release mail from this platform, so the arrival rate of mail sent through this type of platform can maintain a relatively high level. At the same time, the information of e-mail subscribers is recorded in a marketing database about demographics, behaviors, and preferences. Through these data mining settings, each customer can be sent a promotional e-mail that is different from others. Emails that match the preferences, behaviors, and lifestyles of our customers. Relatively speaking, the cost of sending this type of email is also the highest.

The second is small email delivery company, mainly local EDM service providers. They often have several servers, several IP addresses, and several people, relying on these servers to send large amounts of email. The cost of sending emails from this kind of company is very low, often a few hundred dollars can send millions of emails, it is easy to cause your domain name and IP to be blacklisted, affecting the normal business operation of the company.

The third is some mass-sending software circulating on the Internet. The basic principle is to send emails in batches regularly through the software. If the frequency of sending emails is too frequent, it is easy to cause domain names and IPs to be blacklisted, and third-party mail servers may also limit your sending frequency.

It should be noted that the latter two EDM marketing platforms cannot achieve personalized customization of emails, and it is difficult to monitor and analyze marketing effects.

Step 4: Creative design of email marketing.

Including the design of the email page and the planning and design of the email link pointing to the landing page of the website. The web code of the email page should follow certain design standards. The idea and planning of the email body and title. A good title can help arouse the interest of the recipient. Click to open your email. An inappropriate title may cause the recipient to directly Delete the mail. When the mail reaches the user mailbox, the title directly determines the open rate of the mail. In content layout, customer experience must be considered. With the unsubscribe function, many people may not really unsubscribe, but it complies with the rules of permission-based email marketing. In addition, marketing emails should be interactive. Whether they integrate social media platforms, they enable customers not only to read emails, but also to apply them in depth, use social network buttons to recommend to their friends, and complete purchases in emails. These personalized, triggering, and interactive marketing emails can produce amazing results in increasing retention and sales.

Step 5: Post-sending data analysis.

After using the EDM platform to send the email, it is necessary to track the customer's response and check the EDM marketing effect. Through the analysis of the tracking results, the registration conversion rate, unsubscribe rate, email reach rate, open rate, read rate and link click rate of mailing lists can be monitored. These monitoring methods can improve the skills of selecting audiences and sending emails. In addition, you can use A/B testing methods to test different email headers and link addresses to understand marketing effects and achieve the optimization of marketing effects. Generally speaking, the EDM platform will have the function of cleaning the email addresses, sorting out a relatively active mail data list, and putting it into the next round of operations. In addition, mature EDM marketing should determine the frequency of emails and establish the psychological expectations of receiving emails within a fixed period of time. This is very important for retaining subscribers and building trust.

Evaluating the basic indicators of e-mail marketing effectiveness

The analysis of the effectiveness of email marketing can start with the analysis of four basic indicators, namely, arrival rate, open rate, click rate, and conversion rate.

Arrival rate

Arrival rate shows the proportion of emails that have entered the user's mailbox. It is the first step to successfully complete the final conversion and is a fundamental indicator. The formula for the arrival rate is: actual arrival in the user's inbox/sent quantity × 100%. Unreachable valid arrivals have the following two reasons: The user's mailbox is full, the acceptance of mail is restricted. And the second, user's mail is invalid.

Open rate

Open rate is the key to conversion. After seeing an email, the recipient will judge whether to open it immediately or not in 5 seconds or less, open it later, not open it or delete it. Sender's name, sender's email address, subject, and the last email received from the sender are the main influencing factors. This is how subtle things happen. Brand value and awareness will play a decisive role at this situation. Highly-recognized brands will help advertisers increase open rates. Similarly, a clear, provocative, reliable, and appealing headline also helps motivate users to open the email. According to research in the United States, 70% of users who placed an order made an immediate purchase within 3 hours of opening the email.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate statistics can be achieved by tracking user click behavior. The level of click-through rate depends on the overall design style, user needs, and of course promotion or theme content, and whether the call-to-action element plays a role. The click-through rate of emails is a more accurate indicator to measure the effectiveness of EDM marketing.

Conversion rate

Conversion is the final goal of mailing. The conversion goal of online retail websites is orders, the conversion goal of companies selling software is downloads, and the conversion goal of training institutions is form submission. Of course, you can also customize other specific goals, such as browsing a specific page—announcements of holiday events or specific behaviors such as uploading photos, voting, leaving messages, etc.

Source: Zhihu by Lin Hui